Women Of Style — August 24, 2017

Here's a look at five L.A. ladies who are defining fashion on their own terms.

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Take a confetti selfie as the Confetti Project comes to Los Angeles — August 4, 2017

As far as selfies go these days, the props just keep getting better and better. But you know what would be the ultimate selfie? Sitting amongst tons of sparkly and colorful confetti flying around you. 

On August 17 and 18, the Confetti Project will set up at Avec Les Filles' gorgeous pink pop-up space on La Brea. The project arrives in L.A. after an appearance in New York a couple of months ago.

Each day will feature time slots for live confetti photoshoots in which Jelena Aleksich, the creator of the series, will explore what you choose to celebrate in your life through a brief Q&A and photo session. A mini-confetti photo shoot and a confetti goodie bag costs $20.

On Thursday night only, you can RSVP for the free confetti party, featuring music and refreshments. If you change your mind and want in on those pro confetti photos, you can still pay for the photoshoot on-site. 

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5 Fall 2017 Fashion trends for women — August 3, 2017

I Spent A Week Looking For Millennial Pink in Los Angeles — July 7, 2017

So when all this chatter about Millennial Pink hit social media airwaves by storm, you can bet I was tuned in for it. Sometimes called Tumblr Pink or Scandi Pink, this color has taken over Instagram feeds, fashion lines, restaurant decor, and even neighborhoods recently. "My god. But why?" you ask. Well, I was curious too. Some say it represents blurring gender lines; others say it's simply a fad that will die as quickly as it sprung. In 2016, a light shade of pink was named one of two colors of the year by Pantone, and everyone seemed to lose their respective pink sh*t. The 5-year-old color perfectionist in me was taking over: I needed to solve the mystery behind this trend.

So I decided to spend a week searching for Millennial Pink in my city of Los Angeles and, through the journey, hopefully discover why we're so crazy about it.

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En Route: Avec Les Filles — July 5, 2017

The name AVEC LES FILLES is the promise or commitment to be a brand that stays “in love” and focused on our customer. She is one. As girls, we are all ultimately connected and the same. "Every customer wants value, quality, goodness, honesty and a place to draw from and be inspired. My customer always inspires me and me want to continue to surprise her and bring her joy."

AVEC LES FILLES makes sense everywhere and Los Angeles is no exception. I think the biggest discovery I have made when blending my Parisian roots with my American upbringing is that style doesn’t have to be loud but something you are comfortable in. When girls are comfortable they are always beautiful. Our clothes allow the girl to shine. At any given time you can see the collection and if feels like your closet at home. An easy blend of classic stuff you can wear forever paired with of the moment things you can’t live without. When I think of Los Angeles I think about the people that make LA what it is. It is a melting pot, a beautiful place built on people who have character, and something special. Those who take chances and believe that dreams do come true. LA is optimistic and sunny and all our products carry that sense of optimism, character, and comfort. They challenge the norm and always feel inspired.

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Women We Love: Fashion Designer Joyce Azria, Founder of Avec Les Filles — June 26, 2017

If her name sounds familiar there’s good reason. Joyce Azria is the daughter of BCBG founder Max Azria, one of fashion’s most notable and recognized designers. As an employee of the family business since age 18 and a creative director since 2009, Joyce had any fashionista’s dream job, but she couldn’t ignore a nagging sense that she had her own unique perspective to offer the fashion industry.

So, earlier this year, Joyce launched her own label, Avec Les Filles (French for “With the Girls”), a clothing line that combines aspirational design with affordable pricing, created specifically with the millennial shopper in mind. It’s currently being offered at more than 200 Macy’s stores nationwide, as well as at a brand-new Los Angeles flagship store.

Our verdict? Given her lifelong exposure to the fashion industry, her track record at BCBG–Joyce launched the business’s successful offshoot BCBGeneration–and how obsessed we are with her first collection for Avec Les Filles, she might just become the most successful Azria yet.

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Orthodox Jewish All Star Joyce Azria's Haute New Brand — June 23, 2017

Orthodox Jewish All Star Joyce, the daughter of BCBG’s Max Azria, says she is breaking all the rules with this line to design clothing and shoes for the millennial woman, who also breaks the traditional rules of fashion. The millennial girl is a young shopper who has more than $100 in her pocket to spend but is still very value-driven, so Joyce wanted to make a beautiful product for that young woman that brings enormous value.

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Avec Les Filles fashion line from Joyce Azria — June 20, 2017

Avec Les Filles means "with the girls." Joyce Azria says she chose the name for her first solo fashion venture as a tribute to her French roots and a promise to her consumer that she would be in line with her and in touch with her always.

Joyce describes the millennial girl as someone who wears real leather and saves up to buy nice shoes. This young shopper often has more than $100 in her pocket to spend but is still very value-driven. So Joyce wanted to make a beautiful product for that young woman that brings enormous value, something that might only cost $68 or $38 but totally fits into a millennial lifestyle.

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Joyce Azria’s Avec Les Filles opens first Los Angeles pop-up shop — May 19, 2017

Joyce Azria is finally bringing her fashion vision for Millennial women — her newly launched contemporary line Avec Les Filles — home. The brand, which launched in 155 Macy’s Inc. doors nationwide in March, will open its first retail pop-up at its new Los Angeles headquarters on La Brea Avenue on May 19.

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Joyce Azria + Avec Les Filles Pop-Up — May 19, 2017

Un bisou—that is how Joyce Azria welcomed her guests on Thursday evening, May 18, at the opening of her pop-up shop for Avec Les Filles. Upon entering the venue—located just a stroller walk away from the mother of five’s L.A. home—guests were greeted with ballerinas dancing atop vintage sage- and blush-hued tiles, a remnant from the building’s previous owner.

Of the Parisian-inspired line, Azria beamed, “It’s my culture.” The 35-year-old designer and daughter of Max Azria was born in France, and though she came of age in Los Angeles, she never forgets her beginnings. “Even though I left Paris at such a young age, I feel like it never left me,” she explained. “My parents struggled a lot to achieve the American dream, and it kind of went from struggles and tough days to a really luxurious life in America. So holding on to Paris is holding on to my roots and the little girl inside of me that wanted everything.”

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Joyce Azria’s Avec Les Filles Opens First Los Angeles Pop-Up Shop — May 18, 2017

Joyce Azria is finally bringing her fashion vision for Millennial women — her newly launched contemporary line Avec Les Filles — home. The brand, which launched in 155 Macy’s Inc. doors nationwide in March, will open its first retail pop-up at its new Los Angeles headquarters on La Brea Avenue on May 19.

“It’s a summer pop-up, where all of our L.A. followers and influencers and celebrities can come,” said Azria. “With the Macy’s at Beverly Center still under renovation, we wanted a place close to home. We just moved into our new offices last month, in a former tile factory and auto body shop, so it’s the ultimate revival game.”

Since then, Azria has set about transforming the space into a pink paradise while keeping all the vintage architectural details that define many of the structures on the trendy retail boulevard.

“It’s an interactive hub to showcase our clothes, where we can give our girl everything she’d actually buy and love, married with a cool neighborhood,” said Azria, who will host a party tonight before the shop officially opens.

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Joyce Azria: Market Upheaval Is Good Time to Launch — May 5, 2017

Joyce Azria is a child of Los Angeles’ fashion industry. She grew up working at BCBG, the fashion label founded by her father, Max Azria. After serving as creative director for BCBGeneration, she introduced her first solo line, Avec Les Filles, in 2016. Billed as a fashion label for millennial women, Avec Les Filles has made some moves counterintuitive for that social-media generation such as opening 155 doors at traditional department store Macy’s. Azria talked to California Apparel News on introducing a new fashion label during a time of great change, leadership and why she chose to do business with Macy’s when the retailer is cutting back.

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New women’s fashion brand looks to expand — April 28, 2017

A brand new women’s contemporary apparel and accessories brand with a French aesthetic is moving fast out of the starting gate.

Avec Les Filles (French for “with the girls”) has opened a 1,200-sq.-ft. in-store shop at Macy’s Herald Square flagship in New York City. The brand, which launched in February 2017, has opened nine in-store shops at Macy’s to date, with upcoming ones planned for Macy’s stores in Chicago (State Street), Los Angeles (South Coast Plaza) and San Francisco (Union Square). Another 40 full shops and more than 100 front-line shops are in the works.

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Avec Les Filles Opens at Macy’s Herald Square — April 25, 2017

In less than one year, retail entrepreneur Joyce Azria and her team worked with a small group of trusted partners to fast-track the successful launch of Avec Les Filles, a new women’s contemporary lifestyle brand offering RTW and accessories with a playfully sophisticated, French aesthetic.

Avec Les Filles (French for "with the girls"), opened a 1,200-sq. ft. shop in Macy's Herald Square flagship on April 19, complete with a pink grand piano and living room seating. The opening was a major benchmark in the brand's whirlwind first year, and followed the February opening of eight "shop-in-shops" at Macy's.

Avec Les Filles is an innovative, forward-thinking fashion brand infused with Azria’s spirit. It’s also the first brand to think outside the rules of fashion, with a dynamic pricing model that’s inclusive and allows everyone to “play together nicely.”

“The line is really for everyone,” Azria said. “Today, an 18-year-old dresses like a 30-year-old who dresses like a 60-year-old. It’s really mixed.”

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Smart, Successful, Stylish: 4 Women Who Are Killing It Daily at Home and at Work — April 24, 2017

“Just call me Mommy Poppins. I carry a huge bag—my husband and kids can’t believe how much I lug around daily.”

For Joyce Azria, fashion has always been a family affair. She was born into the industry—her dad, Max Azria, started BCBG and she served as BCBGeneration creative director for six years. Now it’s her turn. Her debut clothing collection, Avec les Filles, launches this spring and she can’t wait to share her Parisian-inspired pieces with the public.

Role Model “My husband. I wish I could be as peaceful and honest as he always is.”

All in the Name “Avec les Filles means ‘with the girls’ in French. I want the brand to be relatable and accessible to women of all ages.”

Words to Live By “Exercise patience on all big decisions. An entrepreneur must always act on gut instinct, but it’s okay to sleep on it before rushing into anything.”

Favorite Mom Moment “Observing the Sabbath with my family is my happy place. For 25 hours we all unplug from phones and cars, and just exist as mom, dad, kids and friends.”

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Joyce Azria: Fashion Icon and Orthodox Jew — April 19, 2017

Fashion icon and Orthodox Jew are two descriptions that are not often used together. Yet those are the terms that best describe Joyce Azria who was the creative director for BCBG, the fashion powerhouse that recently announced it is shutting its doors after 28 years of providing red carpet style at affordable prices.

One of the most sought-after designers in America today, Joyce isn’t retiring. She is starting her own fashion line, Avec Les Filles (“With the Girls”), a fashion line aimed at younger women, providing Joyce’s trademark fashion-forward look with classic pieces and affordable price-points.

Aish.com recently caught up with the irrepressible and energetic designer who shared her thoughts about being a fashion icon and observant Jew.

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Joyce Azria on Being Authentic and Knowing Her Millennial Consumer — April 10, 2017

Azria told the audience that the most successful brands have truthful storytelling. She feels it’s important to be authentic and connected. She said so many department store brands are manufactured by the same companies and just don’t feel authentic. Growing up in Los Angeles, she saw a lot of businesses develop that were authentic and fully focused on e-commerce. She’s seen them develop into $100 million businesses, but they don’t make money. “The consumer has so much to choose from,” she continued. She said the Millennial consumer wants experiences, a place where she can touch and interact and she wants the truth. She wants that personal touch and personal service and wants to take things home with her immediately.

Azria believes that the Millennial customer shops both high and low, and it’s a myth that everything has to be below $150. When she talks to her friends and customers, she sees that no one is buying all cheap clothes. She’s wearing a Rebecca Minkoff bag or Chanel flats, and she loves real leather and cashmere. “Even though her appetite for cheap fashion is robust, she wants to finish off the looks with an aspirational piece,” said Azria.

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Want French-Girl Style? Meet the Brand Your Wardrobe's Been Missing — April 8, 2017

We all have that one friend who worships all things French-girl style (or maybe you are her), and her wardrobe is nothing short of chic. But whether it’s a private appreciation or a tricolor flag she waves proudly, it’s less about the clothes and more about a lifestyle built around thoughtful, timeless pieces. So whenever we receive word that a new brand is offering up that je nais se quoi we’re constantly chasing after, we ask three questions: 1) What is it? 2) Where can we shop it? 3) What’s its Instagram handle? And today we have answers.

Avec Les Filles (“with the girls” en Français) is the Los Angeles–based contemporary brand that combines the sensibilities of French dressing with a California ease. The woman behind it is a name you may recognize: Joyce Azria left her post as BCBGeneration’s creative director last year to launch Avec Les Filles, which we expect will soon be known for its cool-girl staples and elevated accessories. What’s more, you can even shop the brand-new brand online at Macy’s and in over 155 in-store pop-ups at Macy’s locations across the U.S. In the past, we’ve been known to encourage you to shop a new It brand before your friends do, but we’re making an exception this time: Go ahead and share the wealth.

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Joyce Azria Launches Avec Les Filles — April 3, 2017

Hancock Park-based Joyce Azria—former creative director of BCBGeneration and the daughter of industry icon Max Azria—launched Avec Les Filles in February. Aimed at the millennial set and skewing toward a French girl aesthetic, the line offers accessories, key staples (leather jackets and denim) and of-the-moment musts like a ruffle-sleeved blouse and a robe minidress. $28-$595; aveclesfilles.com.

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WWD Retail 20/20 Dives Into Store Experience — March 28, 2017

Executives from retailers, e-tailers and brands of all stripes converged in Manhattan on Tuesday to swap war stories, recharge and plan for the future at the WWD Retail 20/20 — The New Store Experience forum.

While every fashion company has its own plans, all see the physical and the digital sides of retail converging,
and drastically changing the way things are done.

Here, a sampling of what the forum’s speakers had to say about the future and how to evolve and stay relevant.

Joyce Azria, founder and ceo of Avec Les Filles, a new Millennial brand, grew up in the business as BCBG Max Azria founder Max Azria’s eldest daughter. She spoke about the importance of being nimble and thinking like a tech start-up and keeping things tight and lean. “Operating like a jet ski is where we should be in our mind,” Azria said.

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An Expert Told Us the #1 Trends Millennials Love Now — March 27, 2017

Avec Les Filles by Joyce Azria, Now Available at Macy’s — March 15, 2017

Avec Les Filles, now available at Macy’s, is a contemporary lifestyle brand created by fashion industry favorite Joyce Azria for the self-assured and stylish woman. French for “with the girls,” Avec Les Filles connects an achievable price point with aspirational design for a line that hits the millennial woman’s sartorial sweet spot. The new brand is Azria’s journey into the “dress code” of the inspired millennial, and aims to redefine how women express themselves and explore the world through the lens of fashion.

“I’ve always been acutely aware of who the millennial customer is and how her shopping habits have evolved over time,” said Azria. “Avec Les Filles is uniquely positioned to bring a relevant and fashionable collection of lifestyle products in the spirit of today’s shopper, and I am grateful to be bringing my vision to life with the power of Macy’s.”

The stunningly constructed collection embodies a playfully sophisticated French aesthetic—think ‘70s Parisian chic with California ease for a range that is equal parts confident, sexy and feminine. Soft tailoring, smart separates, and a sophisticated color palette combine for an effortlessly hip, gamine look.

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Joyce Azria starts a new L.A. fashion label with millennial shoppers in mind — March 10, 2017

Last month, Joyce Azria, daughter of 68-year-old Los Angeles-based designer Max Azria, introduced the millennial-targeted fashion and accessories label she founded, Avec Les Filles (that’s French for “with the girls”), online and in 155 Macy’s stores.

The majority of women’s pieces are priced at less than $100, and the look of the line, according to Azria, who serves as Avec Les Filles’ chief executive, is “timeless, easy and comfortable, with French flair — like a normal girl who has something about her that’s a little charming and special.”

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Avec Les Filles launched by Orthodox mother of five Joyce Azria — February 10, 2017

A surprisingly down-to-earth empress of fashion, Joyce Azria once led a division of her family’s business, BCBG Max Azria. Now she is the brains behind a new brand at her own company, with a big name: “Avec Les Filles: A Story Told by Joyce Azria.”

“I’m very passionate about fashion as a way to express yourself and exist in the world,” Azria says. “Fashion is the first thing people see, even before they know anything about you. It’s an entry point to self.”

Earlier this month, 155 retail “shop-in-shops” opened simultaneously at big box retailer Macy’s. And this week, her namesake online store goes live. Or, as her marketing suggests, “February 2017; The world becomes a little more pink.”

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Joyce Azria reveals the inspiration behind her new brand — February 9, 2017

Joyce Azria is a woman who knows a thing or two about fashion. After all, she was the Creative Director of BCBGeneration (a company founded by her father, Max Azria). After 8 years in this role, Azria is now paving the way for a new form of contemporary fashion. Specifically, she’s bringing the brand Avec Les Filles (meaning with the girls, en Francais) into the world.

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Designer Joyce Azria on Her New Affordable Label Avec Les Filles — January 26, 2017

Joyce Azria isn’t your average fashion empire heiress. At age 8, she was watching astutely as her parents launched what would become mega-brand BCBG; at 14, she was a full-fledged member of the family business, shuttling her parents to meetings with buyers, suppliers, and business partners; straight out of college, she made it official, joining the BCBG portfolio of brands as a swimwear designer; and in 2009, she took over as creative director for BCBGeneration, the little sister label with a mind to speak to the savvy, young 20somethings Azria embodied. Now, she’s striking out on her own with a particularly disruptive label aimed at the millennial shopper.

“I think whenever you’re meant to create something, everything sort of clicks and pushes you towards that,” Azria tells Allure. “Me and Avec Les Filles were meant to be.”

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Avec Les Filles to Launch at Macy’s — December 15, 2016

The gritty, graffiti-filled stretch of Melrose Avenue across from Fairfax High School is best known for sneaker and jeans shops, a hangout for Millennials vibing on street fashion. It’s a far cry from the massive, all-white Vernon headquarters of BCBGeneration, where Joyce Azria used to work. But it’s here, in an old sneaker warehouse, that Azria has set up her new venture, Avec Les Filles. The open, alley-like space with concrete walls and exposed pipes feels more like a tech start-up than a fully realized brand that will launch on Feb. 1 online and in 155 Macy’s doors nationwide.

“I wanted it to feel that way even though I had positioned the company to launch at scale like this,” Azria said. “We hear each others’ conversations, the good and the bad days. It’s the essence of Avec Les Filles, where I’m literally ‘with the girls.’” Azria’s desk sits at one end of the room amidst her designers and merchandisers and assistants. 

“It’s time for fashion to evolve,” said the 35-year-old, echoing the same sentiment as her father Max when he founded BCBG 30 years ago. “I want to take down all the rules and reinvent the modern fashion company.”

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Joyce Azria exits BCBGeneration to launch own line — August 1, 2016

“Most brands aimed at Millennials start around price, but we know that girls shop up for accessories,” Joyce told WWD. “She can buy Chanel off Tradesy and get her clothes at Target. She’ll figure out a way to afford that Rebecca Minkoff bag.”

Avec Les Filles will also include higher end product, such as leather bags, shoes, jackets and even fine jewellery, which Joyce believes young women will purchase for themselves. Priced from $18 to $600 (£13-£455), the 35-year-old is keen to try out a new business model.

“It’s been exciting to build a brand that is in sync with the pace of the actual customer. It’s disruptive on a large scale,” she explained. “Girls shop high and low, and retailers can decide where certain products work for them.”

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Fashion Industry Veteran Joyce Azria Announces the Upcoming Launch of Avec Les Filles — June 23, 2016

Former Creative Director of BCBGeneration and daughter of fashion legend Max Azria, Joyce Azria will launch hybrid contemporary lifestyle brand Avec Les Filles in 2017.

“Fashion is my microphone,” says Azria. “Avec Les Filles will be my platform to reignite, excite and begin dialogues with millennial women as they join our journey.”

Offering luxurious and high-quality pieces for achievable price points, the playfully sophisticated, French aesthetic of Avec Les Filles will offer a mix of both classic and current styles that encourage women to join the fashion conversation and make pieces their own.

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