The Bella Story

There’s a lot of love and history in the Bella flat.

When I was a little girl in Paris, I remember family gatherings at my grandmother's house. My grandmother had an incredible poise and polish about her. Her refined sense of style, put-togetherness and confidence were qualities that extended into everything she touched.

At home, upon entering the door, she changed from her chic day shoe to her equally chic house shoe, an almond toe flat with a small wedge. She had a version of the house shoe in all colors and fabrics. The shiny silver pair were always my favorite.

At age three, I would dance them around the dining room table as the adults enjoyed her traditional Tunisian cooking. She would eventually pull my from my twirling to eat. Her loving gaze and perfect smile could make me do anything. She would lift me up onto her beautiful antique chairs where my special dish was ready before me on the table, couscous and one carrot from her stew.

After dinner in the peaceful "chambre bleu" sounds of family, laughing and enjoying, lulled me to sleep.
On the floor beside me sat the shiny silver shoes which I twirled in earlier. The perfect end to a perfect day.

When I see the Bella flat I'm reminded of my grandmother, who she was and how much she meant to us all.

Pieces like this, The Bella, are the foundation, the DNA of Avec Les Filles. A modern delivery of something nostalgic, the ease in which they fuse together and more than anything, the stories I’m so proud to share through this brand.

This is Avec Les Filles, a story told by Joyce Azria.

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