The 31 Best Cargo Pants for Women, According to Stylists and Celebrities

Bella Hadid can't stop wearing them.
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"Upon scrolling through my TikTok feed a few weeks ago, I noticed a new addition to the ever-present small top/big pants trend on the platform. The fashion TikTokers I followed were now wearing not only baggy, wide-leg jeans with their favorite cropped tanks, but baggy cargo pants, too. While I tried to withstand the allure of the cargo pant for a while, I’ve found myself pinning cargo pants outfits on my 2022 mood board on Pinterest. So, I turned to the experts about how exactly to make the very best cargo pants work in your wardrobe for fall 2022, especially if you’re not a trendy member of Gen Z (or an avid TikTok user).

The rise of the cargo pants proves that we’re living in a sartorial blend of the ‘90s and the early-aughts. They grew to popularity in the grunge-outfit era of the late ‘90s before really gaining traction in the very early aughts, and were loved by celebrities Aaliyah, Christina Aguliera, and Brittany Spears around that time. 
Now, cargo and parachute-style pants have been spotted on a new  crop of It-Girls, including Gigi and Bella Hadid, Emma Chamberlain, Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, and Lori Harvey. They also popped up on the runways at Isabel Marant, Jaquemus, and Laquan Smith during the Fall/Winter 2022 Fashion Show season. 
“As we start to acclimate to leaving our sweatpants at home post pandemic, cargo pants afford one a comfortable and cool option in a world where gender rules traditionally assigned to fashion are antiquated and street style leads design," says fashion stylist Lizzy Rosenberg about why she thinks the silhouette is trending right now. 

While some of Hollywood’s fashion elite opt to wear theirs with teeny-tiny cropped tops, others have chosen to wear versions of the utilitarian made from a date-night-approved silk material. Keep reading to shop our list of editor-approved cargo pants,  broken down by the stylish women who wear them the most."


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