We’re AVEC LES FILLES, or “With the Girls”, en français. We launched in 2017 with a mission to offer trend-driven fashion that is distinctive and personal, yet versatile and accessible. We are the culmination of “je ne sais quoi” style that Parisians’ innately possess. Born in LA and inspired by Parisian chic, we were made for the world. We’re constantly evolving to fit your lifestyle, but we’ll always remain true to our values.  Our mission is to cut through the noise and inspire women through community and empowerment. Using fashion as our medium, we amplify the power inherent in connection, togetherness, and inclusion.

Our goal is to reach every woman by speaking to her directly and truthfully.

We stand for: 

Community Join our growing girl squad that struts through the world in a fashionable stride with the mission to uplift one another. 

Authenticity We want to talk to you—directly and truthfully.

Accessibility You can find us anywhere from Nordstrom, Anthropologie and Bloomingdale’s to local boutiques.

Our aesthetic style is based on three pillars: retro details, street influence, and runway inspiration. In other words, we are sure to have something that speaks to your authentic style. You keep us going, so we value your feedback and strive to create pieces that make you feel happy and confident. We are, and always will be, with the girls.