Translating to “With The Girls” en Français, AVEC LES FILLES is a modern lifestyle brand that pairs runway trends with streetwise styling. Inspired by iconic women of the past and present, the brand evokes a distinctly feminine vibe—balanced by edgy notes—in a range of apparel, outerwear, and accessories. Whether it’s a star-printed wool overcoat or a utilitarian shirtdress, the brand offers up styles with a “must-have” factor.

The buzz-worthy offerings of AVEC LES FILLES include pieces inspired by the runways of Paris, Milan, and other fashion capitals of the world. The AVEC creative team sources up-to-the-minute trends, reimagining and delivering them to retail floors at smart, accessible price points. Collections are particularly celebrated for being irresistible.

Anyone can love AVEC LES FILLES, regardless of age, our eyes are ever-scanning for new ways to express ourselves and AVEC LES FILLES delivers just that.  Driven by the evolution of modern style and informed by its rich past, AVEC LES FILLES will continue to evolve with their trend-setting fans. They are, and always will be, with the girls.