Translating to “With The Girls” en Français, AVEC LES FILLES is a contemporary lifestyle brand whose essence lies at the intersection of accessibility, aspirational design, and nostalgia. Inspired by iconic women of the past and present, the brand evokes a distinctly feminine vibe—balanced by edgy notes—in a range of apparel, outerwear, and accessories. 

The AVEC aesthetic rests on 3 pillars: retro, street, and runway. The creative team sources up-to-the-minute trends from high-fashion runways to the city streets, reimagining and delivering them at attainable price points. Whether it’s a star-printed wool overcoat or a utilitarian shirtdress, the brand offers up styles with a “must-have” factor.

 Driven by the evolution of modern fashion and informed by its rich past, AVEC LES FILLES will continue to evolve with its trend-setting fans. 

We are, and always will be, with the girls.