What is a Shacket?

Fall 2022 Fashion Trend Shacket by Avec Les Filles Shirt Jacket for Women

Let's talk about this "shacket" that is taking over the retail world. If you know nothing about fashion, this new style option is a perfect transitional wardrobe essential. To explain, it's not a shirt and it's not a jacket...it's called... a shacket. You might be saying, 'Esther, stop trying to make shacket happen', but seriously, it's a real thing, and we think it's sticking around for a while. During these months of mother nature not making up her mind about the weather we need something that will be heavy enough when it gets a little chilly but also light enough if it gets too hot. On the days the weather is indecisive and you don't know if you need a coat or jacket, the shacket will be your bestie. 

“A shacket is a crossover between a shirt and a jacket,” explains Hang Nguyen, a lifestyle and fashion blogger. “It's usually a little oversized and looks like a shirt, but made from a heavier material.” And while the heavier material helps distinguish this piece of outerwear from a shirt, it's also not quite a jacket.

Styling a shacket: 

  • Wear it over a bodysuit or tank with a pair of your favorite jeans and heels
  • Tie it around your waist when you know it will get colder later in the day
  • Inspired by Princess Diana, throw on your favorite biker shorts and tank top or t-shirt and throw it over your shoulders with a pair of sneakers
  • Layer it! Wear it under a coat or jacket, and over a long sleeve when it gets cold with a pair of Faux Leather Liquid Leggings and boots

We hope you enjoy your new shacket this Fall, it's the perfect transitional wardrobe essential. Lucky for you, we have one picked out just for you (on sale). Check our favorite Lightweight Plaid Shacket, it's super soft and will be worth the closet addition. 

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