Here at AVEC LES FILLES we are for-purpose, meaning we're not just here to make a profit--we want to incite positive change in our local, international, and digital communities. Besides serving up bold and empowering fashion, we're striving to enable women through philanthropic efforts as well. 

Girls just want to have fun...damental rights. The Avec Les Filles Foundation was born with the mission to empower and support women and girls of the world and to strengthen the bonds between all women by advocating for those who are undervalued and disadvantaged. With women's empowerment as its guiding light, The Avec Les Filles Foundation is poised to raise funds and awareness for many crucial women's issues, including body image, bullying, and sex-trafficking.

Fashion for you, funds for the girls who need it most

A portion of every sale on our e-shop is going to our primary beneficiary, Girls, Inc., a national nonprofit dedicated to providing long-lasting mentorships and research-based programming to enable girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers, and grow up healthy, educated and independent. Learn more about Girls, Inc. and their meaningful work here