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A for-purpose brand. Creating change together.

We want to create positive change in our local and digital communities by inspiring women to feel and be their best selves. Besides serving up bold and trend-setting fashion, we're supporting women through the Avec Les Filles Foundation.

You are a woman. That is your superpower.

The Avec Les Filles Foundation was born with the mission to empower, support and strengthen the bonds between all women.  With women's empowerment as its guiding light, The Avec Les Filles Foundation creates a space for community, inclusivity, and authentic connection. 

Fashion for you, funds for the girls.

A portion of every sale goes to our primary beneficiary, Project Glimmer., a national nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring all girls to envision and realize an empowered future. Project Glimmer has served 1 million teenage girls and women, 86% of whom are young women of color. Project Glimmer works in all 50 states through partnerships with 2,000+ organizations including foster care, homeless, crisis care, and youth services. Through our programs including Gifts + Goods, Empowerment Events + Academy, and 1:1 Career Coaching we are committed to helping end gender and racial inequality.




Learn about Project Glimmer here.