11 of the best leather and faux leather trench coats to warm you up this winter

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"Welcoming The Matrix into our wardrobes, leather (or pleather) trench coats are calling our names this autumn. Whether you want to find one like Neo’s, dress like you belong in Dover Street Market – oh, to be so cool – or are after an everyday throw-on-and-go trusty trench, there’s a myriad of options to choose from.

Looks aside, these coats are one of the best picks for cooler days. Leather is, after all, one of the most warming materials to wear as the winter winds start to breeze through. And pleather or vegan leather offers an option for anyone who abstains from wearing animal skins – and it’s often less costly too. Layered over a collared knit for a more structured look, a joyful jumper that really jumps out in colour or even a simple T-shirt and jeans, a good leather trench is sure to see you through this winter and many more to come. All we ask is that you treat it with care, lest you be left with cracks, bald patches or lacklustre leather – and nobody wants that."

Avec Les Filles faux leather trench coat

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