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ALF Foundation

AVEC LES FILLES is a for-purpose brand, meaning we're not just here to make a profit--we want to impact positive change.

Our commitment to empowering women is expressed not only through fashion, but also through philanthropic efforts that aim to improve local, international, and digital communities. Through meaningful partnerships and donations, we hope to extend our mission of positivity, inclusivity, and community. 


  1. Body Positivity Happiness is an inside job. We're proud to support The Body Positive, a nonprofit that teaches people to listen to their bodies, learn, and thrive, and has training programs throughout the United States to promote healthy eating, sustainable self-care behaviors, and positive body image as the norm. 

2. Anti-Bullying Contribute more than you criticize. We're proudly supporting the Cybersmile Foundation, an international nonprofit that is committed to tackling all forms of digital harassment, and strives to promote kindness, diversity, and inclusion by creating a safer, more positive digital community. 

3. Empowerment Girls just want to have fun...damental rights. We're thrilled to support HERproject, an organization that helps advance women's and girls' rights with a vision to live in a world free from gender discrimination, inequality, and violence.

Fashion for you; funds for the girls

Every purchase made at helps fund our core charities, to whom we've committed a donation of 5% of all proceeds. Plus, we're working on fashionable, utilitarian accessories whose proceeds will entirely be donated to our causes. Stay tuned!